Discover the Life-Changing Secrets to Successful Parenting

Discover the Life-Changing Secrets to Successful Parenting

Like you, my heart longs for happy kids and a joyful parenting journey. I've discovered secrets to successful parenting and raising extraordinary kids. In this book, I've crafted an easy, quick first step for instant results and a jumpstart to happiness.

​Uncover the secrets to unlock your parenting greatness in my life-changing e-book!

Dive into my e-book – your gateway to the Happy Life System Academy, where simple habits lay the foundation for a family journey.

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The 8 Secrets To Being A Happy Parent

Inside of my free e-book, you'll discover...



  • Life-Changing Happiness Practices
    Master the simple transformative practices that propel you into parenting greatness
  • Parenting Secrets to Live Joyfully
    Uncover the secrets you need to sustain your happiness every day as parent
  • Happy Life Mindset Shift
    Discover the simple Happy Life language that will liberate you and take your life to the next level!
  • ...and a Special Bonus Just for You!
    My handcrafted-with-love 30 day Happy Parent Tracker, which will give you the jumpstart you need to get the best results from this book!

Meet Lauren Magers

Thirteen years ago, as a media executive and mother of four, I faced overwhelming stress. On my hands and knees, desperate for a system to be a happy parent and raise successful children equipped to thrive in today's world, inspiration struck. The Happy Life System was born—the world’s first comprehensive blueprint and "Game for Life" that fosters teamwork, individual self-mastery, and joyful living.

​I am so grateful you are here with me, we got this!

The HappyLife Experience


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