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Crack The
Parenting Code

The ultimate step-by-step playbook to be a happy parent and raise extraordinary kids.

Parenting Code

The ultimate step-by-step playbook to be a happy parent and raise extraordinary kids.

Take Your Life From
Ordinary To

Happy Day

it’s Lauren,

I'm thrilled we're on this journey together! If you're here, you're likely a parent like me, eager to unlock the secrets to raising extraordinary kids, finding happiness, and achieving success. After 12+ years of dedication, research, and testing, I've cracked the parenting code and crafted a step-by-step playbook for you in this course to do the same, and get the results you’re looking for. Get ready to discover the secrets so you and your children can have fun and live the most meaningful life together.



The Secrets Of How To Master Your

Parenting Path.

The Secrets Of How To Master Your Parenting Path.


THE Parenting CODE

What is Crack The Parenting Code?

This comprehensive online training course will help you master the secrets of effective parenting. You get in-depth, step-by-step training designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools for parenting excellence.

Envision embarking on a self-directed journey, illuminated by the proven strategies, methodologies, and core principles of the Happy Life System, designed to elevate your parenting experience from the outset. Becoming an extraordinary parent is a cultivated skill, requiring daily dedication. With the right foundation, as I often say, you'll be "off to the races" 🙂 experiencing a significant transformation in your approach to parenting.

This course is built to revolutionize your parenting approach, strengthen and deepen your family connections, and set the stage for the lifelong success and fulfillment you truly deserve.

Take Control Of Your
Parenting Journey Right Now

Parenting is our greatest responsibility, but how does society prepare us to succeed?

We prepare for tests and marathons, but where is the manual that prepares us and gives us the tools to raise a successful child and be a happy parent at the same time?

I have said it many times…

No one can design the life of your dreams for you and your children, but YOU!

​This course will equip you with what you need to unlock your parenting greatness and live an extraordinary life together.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Do you sit in bed late at night thinking...

  • I am living in chaos and don’t have time for myself.
  • I am trying everything to be the best parent but I’m exhausted.
  • I am stressed to the max and overwhelmed.
  • I wish my kids honored and respected me for all I do for them.
  • ​I feel like I'm just going through the motions with a never-ending to-do list.
  • ​I don't have time for my dreams and I wish I had more support.​
  • I feel like my kids are only happy when they get what they want.
  • I want my kids to be happy but I feel I am messing them up.

Ready to break free from the chaos? Tired of just going through the motions, overwhelmed and winging it in parenting?
It's time to rewrite your life's script, reclaim control, and steer towards a happier, more fulfilling journey.
Take charge of your happiness and start winning at parenting now.


The Life-Changing Testimonials From People Just Like You


After learning the basic principles of the Happy Life System I installed it with my family and have seen incredible transformation! In the last 7 months, all three of my kids have adopted more positive behaviors, empowering attitudes, and are making more helpful contributions to our family than ever before. Thank you Lauren for creating the happy life system, my husband and I are grateful for how it's changed our lives!

Shila M.

All I can say is I'm super stoked for you if you are about to embark on this adventure with Lauren Magers. If you have thought, “My life is so chaotic, what do I do?” and you're looking for a system and a really super awesome rad community, then look no further... I’m just pumped that you're about to just tap into your life 2.0 and embark on an adventure full of opportunity and sky's the limit.

Nicole C.

You have absolutely changed my life with your teachings in Crack the Parenting Code. I love you

Sherri P.

After years of therapy for PTSD post my husband's passing, Lauren Magers' Happy Life System was a revelation. It appeared when I needed a guide to reclaim my joy. Lauren's mentorship and practical steps brought tangible changes in just a month. Now empowered, I'm crafting a happy life with newfound tools and support. Immensely thankful, I recommend the Happy Life System to all seeking positive transformation.

Jennifer G.


Life is so incredible and meant to be's time to break free from old programming that's holding you back from stepping into your parenting greatness.

Within this course, I will equip you with tools to activate your power and ignite your inner magic. (yes, I said magic... It’s waiting to be unleashed and I will show you how.)

Meet the Creator 

“Crack the parenting code”

Meet the Creator 

Crack the Parenting Code"

Lauren Magers, a thought leader in parenting and an expert on family dynamics, is revolutionizing how personal growth is approached for both parents and children worldwide.

As a devoted mother of four and a distinguished Inc. 5000 and award-winning entrepreneur, Lauren is the innovative mind behind the transformative Happy Life System. This engaging and gamified approach offers a holistic framework and "Game for Life," fostering collaboration, personal growth, and enduring happiness.

​Lauren is reshaping the journey of parenthood and childhood alike. She guides parents and their children towards recognizing, embracing, and realizing their authentic purposes and missions in life, building a new wave of mission-driven families.

Crack THE Parenting code

This online course is the next best thing to being
mentored privately by Lauren Magers

What You Will Get:

  • Immediate Transformation: Jumpstart your journey with this program's practical steps, designed for quick implementation and noticeable improvements in your parenting style and family relationships from day one.
  • Unlimited Access to 'Crack The Parenting Code' Course Materials: Enjoy lifelong access to 3 detailed modules and bespoke content developed by Lauren, allowing you to deepen your understanding and apply the insights at your own pace. This unlimited access provides you with a constant source of support and inspiration.
  • Tools for Empowerment: Immerse yourself in an extensive collection of empowering materials, including worksheets and books, all carefully created by Lauren. These practical, easy-to-use resources are aimed at enhancing your confidence and effectiveness throughout your parenting journey.
  • Tailored Daily Resources: Gain access to a customized set of daily tools, specifically designed to steer you and your child toward daily achievements. From cultivating positive behaviors to improving family communication, this comprehensive toolbox is your key to unlocking a happier, more harmonious family life.
  • Innovative Family Communication: Learn the transformative language of Heartspeak, a revolutionary approach to family interaction that fosters positivity, joy, and a deeper sense of connection within your household every single day.


Special Bonuses

  • ​Customized Gratitude Journal ($97 Value)
  • ​​Happy Life System Introductory Tool Box ($97 Value)
  • ​​Lauren’s Lifestyle Recipes (these are a game changer) ($97 Value)
  • ​Lauren’s Digital Happy Life Affirmation Cards ($97 Value)

Take Your Parenting To The Next Level

The Life-Changing Transformational Results You Will Get
From This Course

What you will learn in the course:

Uncover The Essentials Needed To Crack Your Parenting Code

  • Discover foundational principles and gain understanding of the fundamental concepts and values that form the basis of effective parenting.
  • Identify and understand limiting belief systems that hinder personal growth and parenting effectiveness.
  • Implement practical techniques to challenge and modify outdated belief patterns.
  • Cultivate a mindset of empowerment and resilience to enhance parenting skills and overall happiness.
  • Unlock your potential and transform your belief systems for enhanced parenting and happiness.

Discover Proven Principles For Personal and Parental Fulfillment

  • Discover key principles for personal growth, harmony, and fulfillment, setting the stage for success in both your individual journey and parenting role.
  • Learn actionable strategies for everyday parenting that give you the springboard to navigate through challenges and foster positive relationships with your children.
  • Implement effective practices and learn habits that empower you to guide and mentor your children with confidence and resilience.
  • ​​Learn the secret language of happiness and fulfillment, unlocking the keys to lasting joy in every aspect of life.

Master The Happy Life System Secrets For Happy Parenting

  • Discover the foundational elements of the Happy Life System that lay the groundwork for transformative change.
  • Implement personalized solutions for long-term success and tailor your parenting approach to suit your unique family dynamics.
  • Learn actionable strategies and practices from the Happy Life System to shift from a mundane existence to a magical, fulfilling life with your children.
  • ​​Embrace transformation. Apply these principles and practices consistently to unlock your potential, cultivate harmony, and become a positive role model for yourself and your children.

Stop Winging It, Ignite Your Parenting Greatness

Today !


    • Foster habits and responsibilities to help them reach their full potential.

    • Instill self-belief and the ability to navigate challenges.

    • Connect deeply and cultivate lasting joy.

    • Implement strategies for a calm, positive household.

    • Practice daily self-care for better well-being and parenting.

    • Enhance emotional understanding and communication.

    • Learn techniques to connect and resolve conflicts.

    • Gain confidence with structured guidance and a daily success plan.


One Time Payment


Basic Membership

HLS Starter

Unlock the Fundamentals of a Happy Family

  • Access to Key HLS Game Content: Dive into our engaging, foundational modules.
  • Crack Your Code' Feature: A unique starting point to personalize your HLS journey.
  • ​​Community Forum Access: Connect and share experiences with fellow HLS members.
  • Investment: An affordable gateway to begin your HLS adventure.



Plus Membership

HLS Starter

Expand Your Horizons with Exclusive Content and Community

  • Extended HLS Content Library: Delve deeper with a wider range of HLS materials.
  • Monthly Inspirational Messages from Lauren: Get personal insights and encouragement.
  • ​​Enhanced Community Interaction: Engage more deeply with fellow HLS enthusiasts.
  • Investment: Moderately priced for more resources and connectivity.



Plus Membership

HLS Starter

Master Your HLS Skills with Comprehensive Learning and ​Expert Insights

  • Advanced Deep Dives into HLS Pillars: Explore each pillar with expert guidance.
  • Specialized Modules and Workshops: Topics like Feng Shui, home psychology, and more.
  • ​​Exclusive Guest Appearances: Learn from specialists in various fields.
  • Investment: For those committed to a profound HLS journey.


100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'Crack the Parenting Code'?

Crack the Parenting Code' is an online training course designed to empower parents with the tools, knowledge, and strategies needed to foster a positive parenting environment. Created by Lauren Magers, it builds on the principles of the Happy Life System to help you and your children live a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for any parent, guardian, or caregiver who wishes to improve their parenting skills, deepen their relationship with their children, and create a more harmonious family environment. Whether you're new to parenting or experienced but looking for new strategies, this course has valuable insights for everyone.

How long does the course take to complete?

The duration of the course can vary based on your pace and availability. It is designed to be self-paced so that you can fit it into your schedule conveniently. However, for the best results, we recommend following the structured timeline provided.

What will I learn in this course?

In 'Crack the Parenting Code,' you will learn effective parenting techniques, communication strategies, and methods to instill positive habits and mindsets in your children. The course covers various topics, including but not limited to, effective discipline, emotional intelligence, teamwork within the family, and creating a life filled with joy and purpose.

Do I need any special materials or equipment?

No special materials or equipment are required. Access to the internet and a suitable device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) to access the course materials is all you need.

Can I access the course on my smartphone?

Yes, the course is designed to be accessible on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, ensuring you can learn at home or on the go.

What if I have questions or need support during the course?

We offer support for all course participants. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach out via the contact methods provided on the course platform, such as email support or a dedicated course forum.

Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?

Upon successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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Your Happy Life System tool box full of inspiration with simple, easy practices to implement right away

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The Crack the Parenting Code online course is the next best thing to being mentored privately by Lauren Magers

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